Balisong Knife Tricks


Balisong/Butterfly Knife Trick Compilation #1

September 16, 2016

This is a video of some of the tricks that I know with the balisong/butterfly knife as of September 13th, 2015. I also apologize for the text. You may need to pause ...

What is the best Balisong Knife Tricks?

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Bradley Kimura 11 Butterfly Balisong Knife (3.75" Blackwash) *Blemish

These DO NOT come with box/papers or any warranty. These are sold AS-IS, no returns. The Bradley Kimura is a USA made butterfly knife with a great price tag and stellar action! The Bradley Kimura XI features a blackwash stainless steel tanto blade and ... August 30, 2016

Marfione Custom Tachyon III Advanced Trainer

In 2000, Microtech released the company’s first balisong knife, the Tachyon. Over the years other variants have been produced, but a void in the market created a demand for balisong trainer knives. We asked Marfione about the need for a training knife. August 25, 2016

RioRand Sports Cross Fire Go Knife Handle Practice Trainer Black-Red Can Self-Accur adjusting (No Offensive Blade)

Received my knife today. Looks and feels great It is awesome except ... It was really easy to learn some simple tricks and fast opens. It's thankfully very dull so when learning new tricks and failing horrible it didn't hurt. I received this product ... August 2, 2016

MTech Balisong Butterfly Trainer Practice Dull Knife Novelty

Practice Tool used to practice flipping and tricks.Note: this item complies with eBay policy as a "Practice balisong or butterfly knives that have holes in the blade and can't be sharpened" August 2, 2016

Benchmark Bali-Song Butterfly 4" Clip Point Blade, Silver Vein Handles - BM005

I can no longer lock my knife close or open. The locking mechanism is now a useless piece of metal hanging loose at the end of the knife handle. It gets in the way when closing the knife or when I do tricks as it tends to get stuck between the bite handle ... July 30, 2016

CSGO Rainbow Fade Practice Knife Balisong Butterfly Tactical Combat Trainer New

For multiple item purchases, please wait for all auctions to end before paying for items in a combined payment. Thank You Tracking numbers will be on your order details when item is shipped. If you do not see a tracking number within two business days ... July 28, 2016

Promotion Butterfly BM42 knife Balisong Knife Titanium Butterfly BM 42 Knife (Plain) EDC pocket tactical knife New in Original box packing

Other:New in original paper box packing. When we are outside for a trip or a vacation and experience something exciting, we really need to get prepared and some nice knives buck are necessary. Well, if you want to buy something like knives for camping ... July 6, 2016


Knives 2008

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The Tactical Knife

Skyhorse Publishing, Inc..2014.ISBN: 9781629141169,162914116X.272 pages.

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1989.104 pages.

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Black Belt

1989.104 pages.

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UMD Video Review: Book of Cool January 1, 1970

When I was in college, my roommate and I somehow got into an odd butterfly knife habit. I have no clue why we decided this is something we needed to try, but we quickly discovered that staying home and practicing knife tricks was a lot more attractive than going to class. After a few weeks of practice along (not to mention some cut-up fingers) we weere pretty good. We discovered that twirling knives around was a fun way to get attention in bars and parties. It was pretty sad, as gimmicks...

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... butterfly knives benchmade butterfly knives bradley butterfly knives

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Butterfly Knife Tricks

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... butterfly knives benchmade butterfly knives bradley butterfly knivesVIEW MORE

... butterfly knives benchmade butterfly knives bradley butterfly knives

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