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Kris Cutlery Combat Barong Heavy Machete Review

September 16, 2016

Best in 720HD Blade Length: 14.5 inches Type: Traditional leaf shaped barong Steel: High Carbon Weight: 1 pound 4 ounces Handle: Hardwood with cord wrap ...

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7 Reasons Why a Machete is the Only Multitool You Really Need

If I could have only one tool, it'd be a machete. People around the world have long relied on the machete, kukri (shown here), and other close kin to hunt, fish, farm, build, process food, and fashion all types of tools. Every machete has at least ... March 12, 2014

Harsher penalties for illegal possession of deadly weapons sought

HB 4897 seeks to repeal Paragraph 3 of Presidential Decree 9, as amended by Batas Pambansa Blg. 6 which states that “It is unlawful to carry outside of one's residence any bladed, pointed or blunt weapon such as knife, spear, pana, dagger, bolo, barong ... October 16, 2014

Exhibit features works from 50 countries across Asia

A Barong Ket mask made by Ida Bagus Anom Suryawan, circa 2011, Bali, Indonesia, wood, paint, hide, human hair, metal bells, 24K gold leaf, silver, glass beads. (Courtesy of the Museum of International Folk Art). Like a hissing cat with bulging eyes and ... February 19, 2016

Vegan Leather Made From Pineapples is Cruelty-Free and Biodegradable

Women in the Philippines are known to wear the barong tarong, or traditional shirts woven with pineapple leaf fibers, the product which launched a five year research and development mission resulting in the faux-leather product in Piñatex products today.... February 29, 2016

The beautiful island of Bali is like a visit to heaven on earth

Welcome to Paradise, the sign informed us. We had, in fact, arrived at the luxurious five-star Laguna Resort and Spa in Bali, Indonesia. But, yes, paradise it most certainly was. The hotel is on the island's southern peninsula of Nusa Dua, about 12 ... January 24, 2016

Spyderco Knives: The Spider's Bite

Besides the three generations of this knife, one German LEO together with a knifemaker Ulrich Hennicke, using the basic design and his experience adapted it to tactical needs. The new, fourth version was called Ulize. It's a thin and stylish 104 mm ... September 12, 2014

Don't call me 'Your Excellency': Philippines' Duterte

Even presidential fashion has changed, with Duterte wearing jeans at military parades and seen rolling up the sleeves of the traditional "barong" shirt worn for formal occasions. In his first address to congress on next Monday, Duterte has ordered ... July 21, 2016


Cavite: Motorcycle Road Trip to Kaybiang Tunnel via Tagaytay & Nasugbu Road

Carla Roque January 1, 1970

Ferald and I went on our first motorcycle road trip together when we were in the Philippines last July. We we're only supposed to visit his dads grave in Taal Batangas but what I didn't know was he has other plans and that I was in for a road trip I've never done before. On weekends and free days, he used to go with big riding groups to places like Baguio, Cagayan, Rizal, Cavite, Batangas and many other wonderful places. I've never been to far flung places in the Philippines in a motorcycle. We kicked off from my in-laws house in Laguna past 8:00 am. From Cabuyao, Laguna, we rode via Tagaytay without stopping and reached Taal, Batangas roughly around 11:00 am. I only managed to take this photo of Taal Volcano whilst in a moving... I promise to take you around Taal if you read on. We went straight to the cemetery where my father-in-law was buried. We passed by Taal wet market for Tablea (raw cacao) for friends back in Dubai and Tapang Taal (cured beef) for my mom. It was my second time in Taal Batangas, the first time was way back in 2011 and it was nice to be back. The City of Taal is famous for its ancestral houses which I love a lot, balisong (pocket.

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Best Machete Reviews

To simply the process, we lay out the most important criteria for your consideration. Barong is originally coming from certain tribes in Philippines. The machete is the main weapon for the native people. And it has proven to be a deadly weapon in wars ... September 9, 2016

Yellow Claw Presents The Barong Family Album

After teasing us for the last few days, Yellow Claw’s label, Barong Family, have finally released their first compilation, The Barong Family Album. It’s a massive, 15-track trek through the minds of some of the industry’s innovative producers that ... August 14, 2016

Cold Steel Chinese War Sword Machete (24 Inch 1055 Blade) Cor-Ex Sheath 97TCSMS

The latest addition to the much imitated but never equaled series of historically inspired sword / machete hybrids, this Machete mimics the look and design of the record breaking Chinese War Sword! Its super wide, deeply curved blade will cut and shear ... July 14, 2016

Cold Steel Barong Machete 18" 1055 Carbon Steel Black Blade Polymer Handle Black

The Cold Steel Barong Machete is a quality chopping tool that is based off of a classic Southeast Asian design. The Barong is used as both a general purpose utility tool as well as a self-defense blade. The Cold Steel version is true to the original's ... September 12, 2016

The Only 3 Knives You Need For Off-Grid Survival

They have different designs such as the enep, the parang, the parang changdong, the barong, the bolo and the Golok that are made for cutting the woody plants that inhabit the jungles where they live, as opposed to the machete, which is a cutting tool ... May 20, 2016

Cold Steel Latin Machete 24″ Knife Review

When I finally got the chance to review the Cold Steel Latin Machete, I was intrigued to say the least. This machete is by far the largest one-hand cutting tool I have ever personally wielded, so I was curious about how practical 60 cm (24 inches ... May 4, 2016

Machetes: The Original Survival Multitools

That should be a hint. (For the record, when I refer to “machete,” I use that as a term of convenience to represent any large, utilitarian chopping blade from any culture. If you prefer a golok, barong, bolo, or something similar, the same basic ... April 22, 2016


Sport and the American Occupation of the Philippines

Rowman & Littlefield.2016.ISBN: 9781498536660,1498536662.210 pages.

This interdisciplinary case study invokes historical, sociological, and...

Hunting Weapons

Courier Corporation.2016.ISBN: 0486409619,9780486409610.401 pages.

Detailed, comprehensive account of swords, knives and bayonets, staff...


University Press of Kentucky.2001.ISBN: 9780813138459,0813138450.160 pages.

" When the Japanese Imperial Forces invaded the Philippine Islands at the...

A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor

Courier Corporation.2013.ISBN: 9780486131290,0486131297.694 pages.

DIVIndispensable resource employs alphabetized, easy-to-use format....


Barong and Kris dance January 1, 1970

This ritualistic dance-drama is performed during festivals and special ceremonies in Bali temples, writes Priti AgrawalEvery morning, the loveable and shaggy half-canine, half-lion creature called Barong overcomes witch Rangda in a fight, saving the villages of Bali from evil spirits, symbolising the triumph of good over evil. Once enacted only during festivals and special ceremonies, this and other forms of dance-dramas like Kecak and Legong, Barong and Kris, Gambuh, Kebyar, Pendet...

Hard to separate Sulu intruders from Sabah villagers—Malaysian officer January 1, 1970

Evacuees choose to stay with their car at the evacuation center in Embara Budi complex, Felda Sahabat, Sabah. EDWIN BACASMAS/PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRERDAVAO CITY, Philippines—Identifying the “Sulu intruders” from among the Sabah villagers remains difficult for Malaysian security forces, according to a ranking Malaysian military officer.Maj. Gen. Zulkiflee Mazlan, director of the veteran affairs department of the Malaysian Armed Forces, told Malaysian journalists in Selangor state that many...


JOLO, the Philippines— Unlike many of his warlike ancestors, the new Sultan of Sulu has begun his reign in an aura of peace only occasionally experienced in the long, troubled history of this southern island. Since the Islamic sultanate was founded here more than 500 years ago, long before Spain brought Christianity to the Philippines, Jolo has been a seedbed of Islamic wars against infidels. In the overwhelmingly Christian Philippines, it...

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Mini Moro Barong by Paul Cooper | Knives | Pinterest

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Barong Zombie Knife

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Very Nice Antique Philippine Barong Knife

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Very Nice Rare Antique Philippine Barong Knife early 1900s

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