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Vector Marketing - How to Sharpen Cutco Cutlery

September 16, 2016

Hall of Fame Cutco representative and Vector Marketing Fremont District Manager Joe Geneza runs a workshop on how to sharpen Cutco for over 450 reps in ...

What is the best Cutco Knife Sharpening?

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The cutting edge on fillet knives

One is that since the knife will be abused, subject to rusting, and probably will be dropped overboard anyway, it's smart to buy an inexpensive, soft-steel knife that's easy to sharpen and a snap to replace. The other school of thought regarding a ... August 21, 2016

6 Brands With the Best Warranties

Here's how to avoid it: Invest in Cutco knives, which are backed by a forever guarantee. Like heirloom jewelry, Cutco knives are intended to be passed down within families for generations. To that end, the company will sharpen or repair its products, a ... August 19, 2016

Five on Three: Cutco Kitchen

Cutco Kitchen specializes in the sale of high quality kitchen cutlery, as well as other kitchen accessories like cookware, utensils, gadgets, mats, and more. We also offer full knife sharpening services for all Cutco knives and some non-Cutco as well ... February 28, 2016

Gary the Knife Guy: Knife Customer Honesty, What It's Like to Be Married to a Knife Guy + the Best Knife for Mom

"The best way to have a knife that never needs sharpening is to never use it," clarifies Silverstein, who says the offerings Cutco is putting out today are much better. "The never-needs-sharpening thing was like that Ginsu knife mentality that was ... April 24, 2012

Stay sharp with proper knife care

About once a year home cooks can get their knives professionally sharpened. There are tools such as knife sharpeners and sharpening stones, but Nogales and Faison said it's best to bring your knives to someone with experience. Some places use a wheel ... September 25, 2014

Cutco Cutlery opens store in Bee Cave

The 1,000-square-foot store features stations where customers can try out the knives and other accessories and cutlery, and people who are already using the knives at home can bring them in to get sharpened at no cost. In addition to kitchen tools, the ... August 6, 2014

Cutco Cutlery Opening Edina Store Early Next Month

“This store will allow them to see our products, have knives sharpened and to re-establish their relationship with us.” The 2,700-square-foot location will combine a retail store with a division office for Vector Marketing, the direct sales division of ... March 29, 2013


Someone’s in the kitchen

LGW January 1, 1970

Mimi used to have one and I’ve seen them in antique stores but didn’t think in this technological day and age that someone would still make a non-electric kitchen toy. I could have gotten an electric one, I know, but somewhere I do have a hand mixer in storage – Mimi’s – and basically I don’t need another one. I could buy one here, but who knows what electrical voltage I’ll have next tour. It’s nice to have a kitchen again, and I’m finally starting to buy adult kitchen-y things. Except I can’t afford – at least mentally – to spring for an entire set at one shot, I’m going to piece meal my own set. So for now, he’s got two, a paring knife and a petite chef knife. I went with Cutco. So far, I’ve used the petite chef knife once and was amazed at how sharp it is. Ultimately, I’ll have at least five, I think, although I would like the tables knives and the spatula thing too. The little guy is holding his arm like he’s got a spear, and there’s a magnet in his helmet to hold a long knife so it looks like he’s holding it. In the ad on Amazon it’s a sharpening thing, but I’ll probably get the bread knife and use it for that.

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My Favorite Knife: Bagel Baker Nick Schreiber

Do you sharpen it yourself or pay to get it sharpened? Sharpening serrated knives can be a bit tricky. Apparently, Cutco will sharpen your knives for free, which is totally cool with me. I'm really busy these days waking up insanely early, baking bagels ... September 13, 2016

Cutco 8" Butcher / Melon knife- $60

In nearly-new, lightly-used condition. 8-1/8" blade. Ivory handle - see 2nd photo. No scuffing or scratching. Has never been sharpened, and doesn't need sharpening yet. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA. September 10, 2016

Yoshihiro Cutlery Nsw Hammered Damascus Petty Knife, 6-Inch

Blade Material: 46 layers Nickel VG-10 Gold Hammered Damascus Handle: Natural Magnolia Bolster: Water Buffalo Horn (Bolster is made with natural horn so color will vary) Stain-Resistant Saya Included This bladed product is not for sale to people under the ... May 22, 2015

Cutco vs. Wusthof Knives

In addition, the serrated edge makes the knives difficult to sharpen, especially by the user. For this reason, serrated Cutco knives typically last only as long as their blade holds its edge. However, the brand creates several other products in its line ... May 21, 2015

First electric sharpener purchased and I couldn't be happier

Pros: Simple to use after a short read of the instructions, small and can sit on the counter if you'd like, sharpened my Cutco and Dexter knives Cons: I honestly can't think of any right now. I bought this sharpener to get around having to send my Cutco ... February 17, 2015

Knives: what is your favorite way to sharpen your knives (4 inch blades and smaller, single sided flat blade)?

Assume you want a sharp blade 10 being the sharpest and 1 being te dullest you want a 8.7. Assume you don't want to spend a long time to sharpen it (one of the knives was a gift and they said it was Damascus steel) It depends on what you want to use your ... January 23, 2015

Buck 119BKS Spec Hunting 6″

This buck knife is as sharp as a razor and makes it easy to continue to do as you need. By continuing to make sharp cuts, you may find that after a while the edges need to have some sharpening done to keep it at its performance peak. The Buck 119BKS knife ... January 15, 2015


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When Steve Sillett was 19 years old, he free-climbed – with no safety...

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