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Pinnacle of Professional Knife Sharpening - Knife Merchant

September 16, 2016

Bill who is the knife-smith at Knife Merchant located in San Diego really knows his stuff. He's been sharpening knives as a little boy and now he does it ...

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What is, like, totally not cool about the DOL's crack at a fiduciary upgrade, Brown contends, is that it could hold stockbrokers accountable to fiduciary demands that they are not structured to fulfill. Brown's concern is that investors will sharpen ... September 8, 2016

NFL Week 1: Keys to all games

New defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is a sharpen-the-knives type of play-caller, and attacking with the front four and timely blitz packages puts the bull's-eye on Robert Griffin III and a rebuilt Browns' offensive line. Griffin looked to throw long ... September 9, 2016

Mexico coach Osorio demands reaction against El Salvador after 7-0 debacle

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- The probability that Mexico will win Friday's World Cup qualifier against El Salvador at Estadio Cuascatlan is very high on paper, even with key attacking players Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez and Jesus "Tecatito" Corona ... September 2, 2016

The Man Cops Say Serially Killed San Diegos Homeless Is Homeless Himself

Tina Calderon told The that Guerrero was a fixture at Kimball Park just off D Avenue, in the predominantly Hispanic town of National City, which neighbors San Diego. Calderon positively identified Guerrero when she was shown a photo of him ... July 16, 2016

Sharpening the focus on medical errors

At 6:40 a.m. on a recent day, several dozen nurses, doctors, technicians and other workers gathered in the second-floor surgical center at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego for the daily safety huddle. All wearing scrubs, their heads covered with ... June 30, 2016

Maureen Dowd: The knives are being sharpened

She made a really good speech in San Diego. But even if she dispatches Sanders on Tuesday, Trump isn't going to be easy. Given the slurs and punches and eggs and salacious, hellacious stuff flying around, this could be the wildest, meanest election in ... June 4, 2016

August 20, 2016 Arts Etc.

The San Diego Museum of Art has opened a new exhibit entitled “Brush And Ink: Chinese Paintings from The San Diego Museum of Art Selected by Pan Gongkai”. On view now through Sept. 4, 2016. She paints by placing and scraping oil paint on palette ... August 22, 2016


Good Riddance

eryn1322 January 1, 1970

Yesterday, I was talking to a sweetheart of a girl at my gym about dating. Like I had been in my dating days, she was picky and no one had met her standards. How many dates had I been on that ended with me shaking my head for how horrible they went. Let’s see, my first worst date was early in college when I went on a swim date with this kid. He “played” more with his male buddy in the pool than me. In fact, the other guy’s date or girlfriend that was there and I even started chatting and asking each other if they were gay and we were there for cover up. Who knows, but can you say... In another blog article about kissing , a few years back, I wrote about feeling so sick after one date, that I had to call it quits before we got to the movie we were going to attend. They gave me chills and I couldn’t handle moving on to the second half of the date, so since I drove (he lived on campus, and didn’t have a car. The jerk then still felt the need to get a good night kiss in, and slobberingly kissed me, including full tongue action. Needless to say, he did not get a second date, and I yelled at him so badly the next day that he even dropped the class we had together. In between those days and the next one I’m going to mention, were some good ones, and I had met some really nice guys, but still none of them had the forever quality.

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Quick Cocinero Three Stage Diamond Abrasive Knife Sharpener Launched

Quick Cocinero has announced the launch of a new three stage knife sharpener that comes with a lifetime guarantee. It uses diamond abrasive, tungsten steel and a ceramic edge to sharpen knives in an easy to use way. Calgary, Canada – August 29 ... August 29, 2016

Magnus Pettersson Hand Knife Sharpening

I really love my Wusthof set and the last thing I want is some maniac grinding my knives into dust. Magnus has been sharpening knives for most of his entire life, and he understands the topic probably more than any other mere mortal on the planet. July 23, 2016

The Man Cops Say Serially Killed San Diego’s Homeless Is Homeless Himself

SAN DIEGO — The alleged serial killer of the city's homeless ... Sean (who, like many we spoke to, gave only his first name) brandished a six-inch Milwaukee duct knife that he holsters on the right side of his pants. “I don’t fuck around,” he ... July 16, 2016

Knife Scissor and pruner sharpening

We will be sharpening knives($2), scissors($3), and pruners($4) Saturday June 11th from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm. This is a fund raiser to help us buy tools for the woodshop. We also do minor furniture repairs anytime Monday to Friday. Loose chairs ... June 11, 2016

Knife Sharpening

We will be sharpening knives, scissors and garden pruners/loppers this Saturday, May 14th from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM at the Seven Oaks Community center 16789 Bernardo Oaks Drive. We do this the second Saturday of each month year round. May 14, 2016

Barnes: Grizzlies bringing 'forks, spoons, knives, the sharpening knife' to Game 3

Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes ripped his team's effort after the first two games of their Western Conference quarterfinal against the San Antonio Spurs ... Game 3 on Friday night. "Forks, spoons, knives, the sharpening knife," Barnes said Thursday ... April 21, 2016

San Diego Store

Fill out the form below to receive exclusive details from the Rockler San Diego store. *Be assured that Rockler does ... In this class, you’ll create your very own custom knife. You’ll choose your wood scales for the handle, then learn how to shape ... January 10, 2016


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