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Masamoto VG vs Masamoto KS Review & Comparison #21

September 16, 2016

These are two knives that everyone should consider when buying a Japanese knife. I own them both and here are things that you should know about them.

What is the best Masamoto Knife?

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A Proper Chef's Knife

A great knife costs no more than a food processor—and will handily outlast one. "These are lifetime commitments," said Jason Wilson, chef-owner of Crush in Seattle and winner of the 2010 James Beard award for best chef in the Northwest. Mr. Wilson and ... September 9, 2011

9 Ways to Improve Your Knife Skills

Knife tip: To julienne carrots, cucumbers and daikon for the quick pickles in these sandwiches, slice the vegetables on a bias about an eighth of an inch thick, then stack and cut into matchsticks. I remember this when I think about how all you need is ... July 20, 2016

Guide to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

I strongly believe that visiting a local market is one of the best ways of soaking up the culture and getting better insight into the culinary scene. Since fish is such an integral part of Japanese cuisine no trip to Tokyo should go without a visit to ... June 15, 2016

Coutelier NOLA specializes in Japanese knives for chefs and home cooks

In the narrow shop on Oak Street there are rows of knives from Kikuichi, Masamoto, Togiharu and Takeda. "We're dealing with families that have been making knives for generations," she said. The knives are available with both Japanese-style blades ... August 3, 2015

The Steel Lady: meet the knife-seller

My dad is a really keen cook, and he loves knives, so one year I bought him a professional knife and, as all blades do, it went blunt. Nothing we tried seem to bring it back to its original sharpness. I bought him whetstones for Christmas, steels for ... January 31, 2015

At the sharp end: Lessons in slicing, dicing and mincing from a cutting connoisseur

His first knife was given to him in 1988 from Masamoto, the chef he worked for in Japan, and he still carries it with him today: "It changed the way I cut, it changed the way I looked at food. It changed everything." I must admit, Patel's enthusiasm is ... April 26, 2012

Ferraris of the knife world

Chef Laurent Gras does not own a Ferrari, but he does own a limited edition Keyaki, priced at $5,000. He also owns a Masamoto, a Nenohi and an Aritsugu, each priced about $1,500. "They are like having a Porsche or Ferrari," he says. And he drives them ... June 4, 2004

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9 Ways to Improve Your Knife Skills

F&W Test Kitchen Pick: Masamoto Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou. "The carbon steel holds its edge way better than stainless steel." - Kay Chun. From $182; Chef Pick: Middleton Made Knives. "I take mine everywhere. Whenever I bring one out, all the ... July 20, 2016

Tsukiji Masamoto SHIAGE-TO Toishi Sharpening Stone for Knives Fine Grit #5000

Use this fine grit stone after sharpening with a coarse and medium grit to remove any scratches on the surface or to simply realign a slightly dull edge for a razor sharp finish. Using a fine grit stone to polish your edge can actually help to make carbon ... June 16, 2016

The Best Knives According to Chefs

Carbon-steel slicers, poultry shears, and sashimi knives picked by the hottest names in the restaurant scene — including one who loves his blade so much he had it tattooed on his arm. For even more knife porn, check out Grub Street’s buying guide. " May 3, 2016

Top 10 Chef Knives

Using high-tech materials such as hyper molybdenum vanadium stain-resistant steel for its blade and Duracon for its handle, the Korin Masamoto VG is a chef knife that allows home cooks to get their hands on something similar to what a professional chef ... March 13, 2016

Good Long Chef's Knife

So I kinda feel like a new knife. I've had my eye on the Masamoto VG-10, 9.4". I figured I would get some final thoughts here before pulling the trigger. I have a full set of Global knives and a Shun Classic (which I prefer). I don't like the Global ... September 17, 2015

Masamoto Tsukiji

There are several knife places in the tsukiji market area. I read some reviews and heard great things about this place. They have a great reputation for supplying chefs with their knives. After talking to the guy about the different knives he ... September 8, 2015

Portland Chefs Share Why Their Favorite Knives Are a Cut Above

Since Portland Knife House opened on SE Belmont Street this spring, owner Eytan Zias has outfitted some of the hottest chefs in town with Japanese imports and locally forged steel. Five of the shop’s biggest fans tell us about their blades of choice. August 24, 2015


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Knives are out: Cut and taste co-related (With Images) January 1, 1970

  Knives are out: Cut and taste co-related (With Images)New Delhi |Thursday, 2012 11:05:05 AM IST    Ever wondered why the sashimi or carpaccio at one restaurant tasted better than the others? Or why one wasibi ambushed your sinuses and another just passed off as some harmless chutney! Yes, the quality of ingredients is crucial. But a seasoned chef will also tell you how the "cut" is equally important to make the cut. It is this unique ballet in the kitchen involving the...

Coutelier NOLA specializes in Japanese knives for chefs and home cooks January 1, 1970

The choice of a knife is a highly personal matter for a chef. The handle needs to fit comfortably in the hand. The weight must feel balanced.Jacqueline Blanchard, who spent nearly five years at August and last year at Benu in San Francisco, knows that ordering a knife online often doesn't cut it. So along with Brandt Cox, Blanchard opened Coutelier NOLA, a new shop that specializes in Japanese knives."All chefs are leaning towards Japanese," Blanchard said. "We want people to test them out...

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Masamoto Honkasumi Tamashiro Steel Deba Knife 240mm from JAPANVIEW MORE

Masamoto Honkasumi Tamashiro Steel Deba Knife 240mm from JAPAN

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Masamoto Hyper Carbon MV Stainless Honesuki Boning 145mm from Japan ...VIEW MORE

Masamoto Hyper Carbon MV Stainless Honesuki Boning 145mm from Japan ...

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