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OLFA - Knife Safety

September 16, 2016

Learn the precautions you need to take when using cutting tools and utility knives. This video covers general tips and procedures you and your employees can ...

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Chris Reeve Sebenza Review: Is This US$450 Pocket Knife Worth The Hype?

Not only does the Sebenza arrive sharper than any knife I've before experienced — just touch it to your skin with no pressure and it will draw blood — but that large hollow grind really does work incredible well. The blade is a relatively thick .140 ...

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Jitters amid fear of new attacks after Nice bloodshed

In the southern French town of Bollene, authorities evacuated a hotel Tuesday after a man with a knife barricaded himself in his room. There were Back in the Nice region, fear gave way to mourning, as a mosque in the eastern suburb of Ariane held ...

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A Woman Shorn: The Disruptive History of the Female Shaved Head

The first recorded instance of a shaved head is rooted in ancient Egypt, where both men and women shaved their heads in order to beat the heat and stay clean. Tweezers, knives, and razors were unearthed in the tombs of Egyptian women, indicating that ...

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What It Feels Like to Have Brain Surgery When You're Awake

As the knife goes in you can almost hear a sound like you're cutting into a juicy steak. The cutting has nothing on the It meant they knew which parts of my brain they couldn't touch, which they wouldn't have done if I was asleep. I kept asking ...

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'He's Not Done Killing Her': Why So Many Trans Women Were Murdered in 2015

When Haggard leaned toward the passenger seat window, someone in the vehicle jabbed a knife into her throat then sped away. She stumbled down the street, fell to the ground, and started bleeding out. According to reports, she later died in the hospital....

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The Kardashians' Makeup Artist Is the Most Influential Artist in America

It's a mask. Like on a horror set, Bonelli transformed people's faces at the Playboy Mansion. She enhanced women to make them look like glamor creatures from another planet; when girls go under Bonelli's brush, they look like they've gone under the knife....

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3 PACK: Olfa Touch Knife TK-4N Color Navy Blue Model 1083066

3 PER ORDER: OLFA Touch Knife TK-4N Model 9584 is a pocket-sized, multi-purpose knife that features a stainless steel blade, blade slide lock and hanging hole to easily slide on to your keychain. Can be used for a number of purposes and easily fits in your ...

www.ebay.com July 27, 2016

Olfa Touch-Knife

I picked the Olfa Touch-Knife from an art store counter display because the design caught my eye about 5 months ago and I’ve been using it pretty consistently ever since. The Touch-Knife is a spring-loaded razor blade, concealed in a flat circular container.

kk.org September 17, 2015

Olfa 9091 300 9mm Wheel-Lock Utility Knife

I own an Olfa 300 9mm knife with a knurled brass wheel and was ... After I discover this incredible utility knife from Japan, I never touch the typical utility knife. This little knife runs circles around the clumsy utility knifes. It has so little ...

www.amazon.ca March 13, 2015

Olfa Touch Knife TK-4B Color Black Model 9537 Pack of (25)

This tool is perfect for any retail job. I keep it in my retractable keychain with my work ID, and I can cut boxes in a snap all day long. No need to hunt down that ghetto silver box cutter (or that plastic "safety" cutter). It's like an extension of my body.

www.amazon.com December 10, 2014

Olfa Touch Knife TK-4W Color White Model 9539

For years I carried a 'Swiss army knife' - not those red giants with the multiple tools, just a single stainless steel blade 'cuz there are many times when a sharp blade is required... like opening those indestructible plastic clamshell packages to access ...

www.amazon.ca October 14, 2013

Olfa Touch Knife

Let’s talk about knives and cutting things, or maybe just my knives and the things, I cut, while out on the trail. And let’s brag just a little. I also didn’t think to send in any re-supply drops until I got to Vermilion Valley Resort, or even buy ...

www.trailspace.com April 12, 2013

Olfa Magnetic Touch Knife TK3M Astd

• Olfa Magnetic Touch Knife TK3M• This pocket-sized, multi-purpose knife features a stainless steel blade, magnetic back, easy-slide lock and hanging hole to easily slide on to your key chain• Ideal for use in arts, graphics, crafts and hobbies."

www.amazon.co.uk October 5, 2010


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Universal Leather Knife Sheath

www.instructables.com January 1, 1970

Hello everyone!I would like to introduce you to my concept of universal leather knife sheath. I called it "universal" because it is designed to carry almost every kind of medium size, fixed blade, knife. I tried it with dozens of knives - from budget swedish work-horses scandi knives with plastic handle, to art knives with amazing stabilized woods on the handles. It just fits. This is why one day I thought, that it would be a good idea to make a step by step story of making my sheaths.I will...

Murdered in Bastille Day massacre: A beautiful Russian student and an American father and son on their dream holiday - first pictures emerge of victims killed in Nice terror ...

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84 victims of Nice terror attack on Bastille Day started to be identifiedAmong those killed are an American father and his young son from TexasGerman school teacher also killed in the attacks, according to authoritiesPolina Serebryannikova, 22, watched friend Victoria Savchenko killedFrench confirmed dead are Fatima Charrihi and Robert Marchand, 60 By James Dunn and Jake Polden and Euan McLelland For MailOnlinePublished: 20:49 EDT, 14 July 2016 | Updated: 21:21 EDT, 18...

The Best Cyber Monday Deals

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Olfa® Touch-Knife SKU: OLFA-TK-B750VIEW MORE

Olfa® Touch-Knife SKU: OLFA-TK-B750

Image by www.specialty-graphics.com

OLFA Touch Knife Display TK-4/60 Model 9584 60 Touch KnivesVIEW MORE

OLFA Touch Knife Display TK-4/60 Model 9584 60 Touch Knives

Image by www.aaaindustrialsupply.com

Olfa Touch Knife TK-4 - The Office Shop LtdVIEW MORE

Olfa Touch Knife TK-4 - The Office Shop Ltd

Image by www.officeshop.co.nz

olfa lh5 knife five blades price £ 9 99 brand olfa product code olfa ...VIEW MORE

olfa lh5 knife five blades price £ 9 99 brand olfa product code olfa ...

Image by mypaintbrush.co.uk