TF2 Butterfly Knife


TF2 Spy Butterfly Knife/Balisong Tricks - Tutorial 1

September 16, 2016

Hey Everyone Just here to show some of The Spy's balisong tricks and How to do them. Thanks for watching and Remember to watch In HD 1st Move: Simple ...

What is the best TF2 Butterfly Knife?

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Are you ready to meet your fellow man, rip out his rib cage, and fashion a ladder of bones and viscera out of them to climb to the top ranks mercenary esteem and praise? Well, good news you sociopath, Team Fortress 2's new “Meet Your Match” update is ... July 6, 2016

Get your knives out: A list of the best pointy objects in the business

Knives in games are weird. They're either way too weak and flimsy to be any fun (the weapon of last resort you mess around with for a few moments to delay dying or before you restart from your last, hopefully ammo-rich, save), or, by design choice or ... January 30, 2015

Meet The Spy's New Hand Cannon

While seemingly more powerful than the Spy's pearl-handled standard issue revolver, expect a slower rate of fire, as today's Team Fortress 2 Spy update indicates a required cool-down period between shots. It's bulky design comes with a bit of beauty ... May 19, 2009

Alliance of Valiant Arms

As a result, there's a special Spy item in Team Fortress 2, the Black Rose butterfly knife, only available to people who play AVA. Latest Stories. No News Today! »more stories. System Requirements. Minimum. WindowsXP / Vista / Win7 (32bit); Pentium 4 2 ... March 25, 2013

The Top 10 Video Game Back-Stabs to see out July!

The Spy class is a class both loved and hated by fans of TF2. Hated mostly by Snipers Using the Spy's signature butterfly knife, Spies are well known for ending killing streaks and halting the advancement of even the best players. This 1 hit kill ... July 30, 2011

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iThings J (TM) 1 pcs Practice Trainer Knife Tool Butterfly Knife

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items ... September 1, 2015

Crimson Web Butterfly Knife

This is a crimson web reskin for the spy butterfly knife, now you don't need to spend alot of money on cases :D README: Sorry if the screenshots look bad they just got compressed badly :( Hey! also check out my other tf2 skin: August 18, 2015

Would I be able to receive a balisong (butterfly) practice knife through eBay in Canada?

I am looking to purchase a practice Balisong knife through ebay and was wondering whether or not it would get flagged at customs. The knife in particular does not have holes going through the blade, but rather is wavy. But if it's not permitted ... August 6, 2015

What other names are there for a butterfly knife?

Where can I buy a replica of the TF2 sky butterfly knife? Is it possible to make one at home? Where can I find a Butterfly Knife/Balisong in Mumbai? Would I be able to receive a balisong (butterfly) practice knife through eBay in Canada? Besides sporks ... August 3, 2015

FURY Butterfly Trainer Knife (Silver Matte Finish)

If you take this precaution, you wont ever have to lose a screw. This warning applies to any butterfly knife that uses screw hinges. Don't unfairly condemn this knife. It's not the only butterfly that warrants the loctite preparation. June 3, 2014

How about a butterfly knife / balisong

So you would open and close the knife with a simple opening/double rollover/zen rollover. First 1-50 inspectations you open and close the balisong with a simple opening the next 50-100 inspectations you open and close it with a double rollover and the next ... January 25, 2014

Spy Butterfly Knife Reanimation (Paying 2 Keys)

I play lots of spy in tf2, and while the gameplay is fun and all ... So, if you're willing to take up the challenge, I will GLADLY grant you two keys for making me a butterfly knife trick reanimation for when the spy pulls out his knife. October 12, 2013


''The Orange Box''



Was the stylish bandit who robbed a country McDonalds in a navy suit and balaclava while wielding a knife dressed up as a video game character? January 1, 1970

Well-dressed man holds up McDonalds restaurant with huge knifeHe wore a navy suit, balaclava and wielded a sharp knifeHe shared a remarkable resemblance with video game character The Spy  The incident, in Tamworth, New South Wales, was caught on CCTV Police would not confirm or deny whether if it was a line of inquiry By Daniel Piotrowski for Daily Mail AustraliaPublished: 23:17 EDT, 11 November 2014 | Updated: 04:42 EDT, 12 November 2014 Police have refused to...

Hip Gear ScreenPad Review January 1, 1970

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TF2 Butterfly Knife by PiTheKhoz on DeviantArt

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