Tsa Pocket Knife Rules


TSA Takes Heat For Reversing Pocket Knife Rule

September 16, 2016

Opposition is growing to the new policy allowing small knives on board planes.

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Go inside the new TSA Academy

Mock checkpoint training is just one piece of the US Transportation Safety Administration's newest strategy to help safety officers complete their mission....

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Video: Here's Why Your TSA Security Wait Time Is So Long

Waiting to go through the airport security checkpoint is one of the most dreaded parts of taking a trip, right up there with everyone lining up to board the plane in Group 1. But though the Transportation Security Administration admits it needs to hire ...

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TSA Security rules and travel tips

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Transportation Safety Administration is expecting this holiday travel season to be the busiest in the last 14 years. The few extra seconds or minutes it takes to make sure nothing harmful comes on the plane can cause ...

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TSA offers preparation tips for airport checkpoints

The number of passengers who flew during the spring set records, and the summer season is expected to be even busier with more travelers than ever predicted to pass through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints. Checkpoint wait times have ...

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Pocket Knives and Airports - TSA Knife Rules

There are few things more handy or functional to carry on your person than a pocket knife. Whether you need to slice open a package, cut a fishing line or peel an apple, a pocket knife is a stellar tool. But what happens when you're heading to the ...

www.knife-depot.com April 22, 2014

Carry-on or checked baggage? Holiday travel tips from the TSA

Bring on the pie, but pack away the serving knives. Airport security lines will move more smoothly for Thanksgiving fliers if everyone is aware of the rules for carry-on and checked luggage. When it comes to screening wrapped holiday gifts, the ...

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TSA Announces New Rules: Here's What You Can Carry On Starting April 25

The Transportation Security Administration has revised the rules for what can be carried through airport security. Effective April 25, 2013, small pocket knives and some sporting equipment will be once again allowed on airplanes, following their ...

www.forbes.com March 7, 2013


The New Rules for Buying a Multitool

Wes Siler January 1, 1970

Way back in 1980, a young engineer named Tim Leatherman came up with the idea for a pair of pliers you could easily carry in your pocket. Three years later, his Pocket Survival Tool hit the market. Priced at $25, it carried a dozen tools, including the now-definitive needle-nose pliers. You could use the tool to tackle emergency roadside repairs, small chores around the house, and the infinite variety of little problems life throws at you every day. Today, Leatherman sells more than $100 million each year of what are now called multitools, and the market is exploding with all manner of exciting new designs from new companies. Let’s cut through the marketing speak, inflated claims, and overly cheap knife blades to help you find the tool that’s right for you. It’s TSA compliant, so I even take it on airplanes. There, I fixed it. Need a specific tool for a specific job. Often, you can just carry it separately and more easily than you would if it was included in a multitool. Instead of trying to lug around a big multitool with a bit driver and a selection of easily lost bits, I just throw a 12-millimeter Allen wrench into a pocket.

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TSA shares travel tips for air passengers

Another common mistake is that hunters sometimes have loose rounds of ammunition in a jacket pocket or in a knapsack. Fishermen sometimes leave fishing knives in their knapsacks. None of those items are permitted past a TSA checkpoint. n Individuals who ...

www.herald-dispatch.com September 8, 2016

Ninja star, double-side bladed pocket knife, and 48 guns found by TSA

(TSA) – 48 firearms were discovered this week in carry-on ... You can go here for more details on how to properly travel with your firearms. Firearm possession laws vary by state and locality. Travelers should familiarize themselves with state and ...

wwlp.com March 26, 2016

TSA Finds Knife Hidden in Passenger's Enchilada at Sonoma Airport

The Transportation Security Administration officer confiscated the weapon as it is a big violation of Federal Aviation weapons laws, KTVU reports ... that would allow certain knives to be brought on planes like small pocket knives, but after heavy ...

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TSA Mission Left Muddy After Backtrack on Pocket Knives

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s plans to loosen rules in place since 2001 are stalled even ... from a system put in place after the Sept. 11 attacks. The knives decision followed an inspector general’s report questioning the ...

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TSA chief reconsiders, scraps new knife rule

Transportation Security Administration head John Pistole, who had proposed to loosen rules put in place in the wake of the ... He said the agency finds about 2,000 small pocket knives at checkpoints each day and each one takes about two to three minutes ...

www.dispatch.com June 6, 2013

TSA: On second thought, you can't bring knives on planes after all

Pistole pushed back against those concerns in a congressional hearing in late March, insisting that pocket knives ... TSA urging it to reconsider the change. And in April, three days before the new policy was to go into effect, the agency postponed the new ...

www.yahoo.com June 5, 2013

TSA Drops Plan to Allow Small Knives on Planes

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration, under pressure from airline executives, unions, lawmakers, and its own employees, reversed a plan to end a decade-long ban on carrying pocket knives onto ... attempt to match U.S. rules with those in other ...

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Tsa Pocket Knife Rules 2009

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Knives with locking blades will not be allowed under the new rules.

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