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Wolfgang Puck Colorful Nonstick Cutlery Set

September 15, 2016

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Autumn app rich in flavor, light on calories

As I detail in my recent book "Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy," soon to come out in a new paperback edition, even the most elegant, special-occasion recipes can be cooked in ways that reduce fat, sugar and salt while maximizing not only flavor but also ...

www.orlandosentinel.com September 14, 2016

Wolfgang Puck: Recipes for the height of tomato season

With a small, sharp knife, carefully cut out the stem end of each. Cut the tomatoes in halves and squeeze out the seeds into a bowl. Coarsely chop the tomatoes and set aside. Stir the tomatoes into the pan with the onion mixture. Hold a fine-meshed ...

www.freep.com August 25, 2016

EDITORIAL: Fifteen years later, Downtown is better than ever

When the 9/11 attacks brought down the World Trade Center fifteen years ago, the collapsing towers almost resembled a pair of knives plunging into the heart of the city. a wave of new amenities the neighborhood never had before — from foodie ...

www.downtownexpress.com September 11, 2016

Dishes inspired by Wolfgang Puck are delicious and healthful

I have known Wolfgang Puck since he was about 19 or 20 years old and he was working as a chef at Ma Maison restaurant in West Hollywood. I met him at a cooking class, probably the first one he had ever taught. I will never forget what happened when he ...

www.jewishjournal.com March 7, 2016

Oscar Party Recipes from the Wolfgang Puck's Governors Ball Menu

For the 22nd year in a row, chef Wolfgang Puck will create the menu for the Governors Ball, the Academy's official after-party. Puck shared the recipes for three of the hors d'oeuvres that the stars will enjoy on Sunday. Set aside to cool. With the ...

www.architecturaldigest.com February 25, 2016

Wolfgang Puck: Try classic Fettucini Alfredo

Editor's note: Some editions of last Thursday's Feast section omitted the Wolfgang Puck recipe for Roasted Garlic. The recipe appears below. With a sharp knife, cut off enough of the top of each garlic head to expose the cloves. Place in the center ...

www.freep.com April 6, 2016

Wolfgang Puck: Make Dad a breakfast he can't resist this Father's Day

With a small serrated knife, working from the bottom of a bread slice parallel to and in between its cut sides, make a deep, wide pocket in the center of the slice. Repeat with the remaining slices. From and tested by Wolfgang Puck. Nutrition ...

www.freep.com June 15, 2016

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Autumn app rich in flavor, light on calories

As I detail in my recent book Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy ... Remove from the oven, transfer to a mixing bowl, and set aside. Raise the oven temperature to 500 degrees. With a small, sharp knife, butterfly each shrimp by slicing along the length ...

www.arkansasonline.com September 15, 2016

Pressure Cooker Basic Risotto Recipe with Peas and Carrots

Ever since learning how to make my favorite Pressure Cooker Best Wild Mushroom Risotto recipe in my first Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker many moons ... peel your carrots and dice them up. Set aside a handful, which you will add after the Risotto is ...

thisoldgal.com September 5, 2016

Pacific Ocean Prawn Search

Wolfgang scours the Pacific Ocean on a fishing boat in search of fresh crustaceans. You'll be hooked on his Santa Barbara Shrimp with Mustard Sauce and his Asian-inspired Lobster with Sweet Ginger. They're worth dropping anchor for! (Episode: WP1A18)

www.foodnetwork.com August 27, 2016

Dinner party for Wolfgang Puck

Adding to the pressure, they also must incorporate everything they've learned up to this point. Next, Wolfgang Puck shows up for dinner at the finalists' house and one finalist gets an impromptu cooking lesson from the master. (Episode: NF0707)

www.foodnetwork.com August 24, 2016

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 6-piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

You put out your best steaks only to watch in horror as your guests rip and saw at them with your dull, ineffective knives. Put an end to the rip-and-tear routine and experience the excellence of quality cutlery from Wolfgang Puck. After all, you don't ...

www.hsn.com August 23, 2016

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 18-piece "Favorites" Cookware Set

This stunning, stainless, tabletop-calling cookware set combines an assortment of go-to pans and tools for holiday entertaining as well as everyday cooking. With their shiny, polished exteriors, they will surely have your guests clamoring long ...

www.hsn.com September 11, 2016

Two Wolfgang Puck Garnishing Sets

A set of two Wolfgang Puck garnishing sets. The two garnishing sets come rolled in a cloth carrying case. One of the two set has never been used. Garnishing tools included in the sets include: graters, peelers, melon scoops, and shears. An instructional ...

www.ebth.com April 20, 2016


Wolfgang Puck's Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen

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Wolfgang Puck has become one of this country's most famous chefs, known for a...

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Wolfgang Puck WP10NSCT13 Bistro Elite 5-piece Nonstick Cutlery Knife ...

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Wolfgang Puck 5 Piece Cutlery Set at Hayneedle

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